Is Trees and Fishes in Vanuatu The Most Romantic Place on Earth?

Many people say that Paris is the most romantic place on earth. I will not disagree but, for someone like me who loves adventures, I guess an island is the most romantic place I would really enjoy with my partner.

An island surounded with water plus fresh air is really great. Plus fun activities like mountain climbing, biking and best of all, fishing. You can relax anytime you want while enjoying the food,  the sunrise and sunset.  That’s the place where you can enjoy a romantic scene especially with the person you love.

I already found a place where you can enjoy the scene, food and the activities I mentioned. You can do it all in Vanuatu. It’s a great place where you can relax and enjoy everything that I said. Trees and Fishes in Vanuatu is the most romantic place for me. Not only the place is private but the local people are very hospitable. We had a great time when we were there. We caught big fishes like dogtooth tuna, blue marlin, wahoo and more which I already can’t recall. I never thought I would experience it in my life. I was lucky that I tried to do something new and what’s good about it is that I did it with the person whom I love.

Me and my fiance really enjoyed the place and the people who made it happen. Thanks to Ocean Blue staff for bringing us there.


Vanuatu Fishing – Popping and Jigging for GT’s and Dogtooth Tuna

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Merry Christmas 2013

What’s new with Ocean Blue fishing adventure this December 2013. Watch out for more wonderful fishing in Vanuatu with Ocean Blue. 

On behalf of the Ocean Blue Fishing guides, crew, and the Trees & Fishes staff, we’d like to thank everyone for their wonderful support throughout 2013. Have a great Christmas & happy and safe New Year. Tight lines & see you in 2014! 



The Top 5 Reasons Why You Need a Vanuatu Vacation

Most people nowadays are so busy that they don’t even remember when the last time they had a relaxing and enjoyable vacation was. In fact, according to CNN, Americans forfeit 226 million vacation days each year by not using the vacation days they earned, adding up to $34.3 billion lost vacation days per year.

If you don’t want to be part of this statistics, then you should plan ahead and use your rightfully earned vacation days. Some of the best places to stay include private retreat houses, a place near the beach, private island, or any secluded areas where you and your family can get the best vacation adventures and memories ever.

Vanuatu private island is actually one of your best options when planning for a vacation. Inside Vanuatu is the Trees and Fishes Private Island that is located within Port Havannah on the Northern Coast of Vanuatu’s main island of Efate. It offers a unique balance of personal service, comfort, dining, location and genuine hospitality.

Here are some of the significant reasons why you should choose Vanuatu accommodation:

  • The Relaxing View – Trees and Fishes private retreat’s location is stunning, offering its own private beach with crystal clear waters overlooking the nearby islands of Lelepa and Moso.
  • The Location – With its beachfront location and rustic private lodge style accommodation, Trees and Fishes offer guests the perfect base to experience tropical Vanuatu. The sheltered bay was used as an American naval base during the Second World War but is now becoming a haven for movie stars.
  • Fun and Exciting Activities – Trees and Fishes is the perfect base to launch into a range of activities such as fishing adventures, diving spots, a visit to the cascading waterfalls, island hopping and more.
  • Perfect Place to Rest and Relax – Vanuatu accommodation provides the best amenities and most comfortable rooms for guests with a personal level of service and experience only possible within a private setting.
  • Helps in Removing Stress and Personality Development – The unique fishing adventures that you will experience when you’re at Trees and Fishes can help bring the best in you. They say that during a break from work is when people come up with their best ideas. Vanuatu island is a good place to stay if you really want to get a chance to felt more satisfied with life and become more productive when you get back to work again.

So if you are already planning for a vacation, looking for a place to stay during the holiday or would want to escape from the busy life in the city, hopefully the above reasons can help you decide. Just remember that if you’re on a vacation, make each and every moment count.

The Essential Gears for a Perfect Fishing Trip

For fishing enthusiasts, and even those who are just new to fishing, there are actually list of essential gears needed to make any kind of fishing a perfect one. Aside from the usual supplies such as poles, baits, rods and reels, and tackle, there are also other important things you need to bring. Of course, this will depend on the type of fishing activity you’re into. Indeed, fishing gears used for ice fishing is definitely different from sport fishing in Vanuatu. This is one of the things you should remember before you book any Vanuatu fishing charters.

So what exactly are the fishing gears you might need? Go ahead and take note of the following:

If you’re into ice fishing, an important thing to keep in mind is that you should be heavily dressed. Light clothes are not advisable since you need to fish on a frozen lake. Just in case you feel too warm, you always have an option to shed those extra clothes. However, restrictive clothes are also not ideal. We all know that there’s an added hazard that the ice might break when you’re ice fishing. So it’s safe to get rid of wearing clothes that will make it difficult for you to get out of in case you accidentally plunged into icy cool water.

In whatever types of fishing trip you may be, make sure that you have the most appropriate boots on. For those who are fishing near woodlands, the highly recommended types are high ankle boots. This is because high ankle boots can safeguard you against snake bites. This is also good if you accidentally brush your legs against poisonous plants and also to prevent you from having insect bites. Speaking of insect bites, it is also advisable to use insect repellents and apply it especially on the parts of your body that is exposed.

Also, it has always been a good technique to wear boots that will prevent you from slipping. This is ideal especially if the floor of your boat has become wet. Of course, you might slip and fall in the water if you’re not wearing the proper boots which is actually one of the most common accidents when fishing.

As a preventive measure, it is also highly recommended to use a flotation suit or a floating jacket at all times. This is important if your swimming is weak but even if you are a good swimmer, it is always safe to be careful.

Other important fishing gears that you might need depending on the weather or the type of fishing trip you’re into include Polaroid sunglasses, sun visor or cap for sunshade, extra boxer shorts or underwear, pocket or belt knife or Swiss army if available; butane lighter or campfire starter and even prescription medications or first aid kit. You definitely need all of these if you want to have an enjoyable and fulfilling experience.

Ocean Blue Fishing Quote

Ocean Blue Fishing Quote

Everyone should believe in something; I believe I’ll go fishing.

– Henry David Thoreau

Vanuatu Fishing – Episode 1

Ocean Blue Fishing team on their first Vanuatu sport fishing trip and they stayed at the exclusive Trees and Fishes Vanuatu Fishing Lodge and aboard their Vanuatu fishing charters for a once in a lifetime on board fishing adventures.